My New Configuration Shell Settings Module for Orchard CMS

Tags: open source, code, Orchard Project, ConfigShellSettings

I've just published my "Configuration Shell Settings" module (Fineout.ConfigShellSettings) to the Orchard Gallery. This module finally provides a painless way to manage Orchard site (tenant) shell settings via configuration management.

Download the Configuration Shell Settings module from the Orchard Gallery!

I've copied the module package description (version 1.0.1) below:

The Fineout.ConfigShellSettings module allows Orchard shell settings for tenants to be specified through configuration application settings, i.e. "Web.config" instead of "Settings.txt". This allows site (tenant) settings control via build configuration management, considerably simplifying the build and deploy process for most environments and infrastructures.

Upon enabling the feature, existing shell settings for all tenants will be copied from respective "Settings.txt" files into AppSettings defined in "Orchard.Web/Web.config". Likewise, whenever the feature is disabled, existing AppSettings defined for all tenants will be copied back to the respective "Settings.txt" files. This allows the feature to be managed without any need for any manual file manipulation or code changes.

As this is the initial version of the module, I expect there will be plenty of room for improvement and the occasional bug; I'd love any feedback or ideas anyone has. I hope this contribution will prove useful and time-saving for the community.